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A bridge between the Philippines and Japan

Reyes Law Firm

In Japan, a former international investigator, an international lawyer (Japanese), and the Philippine Embassy in Japan will work together with Atty.Cristopher Reyes Law Firm to solve problems in the Philippines.

We often hear from people looking for an international lawyer for overseas transactions voices of anxiety such as ” I have no choice but to ask a major law firm “,” It’s expensive ” , and ” I can’t feel free to ask for help “. Our office aims to be a familiar international law firm where you can feel free to consult.

Past achievements include joint ventures with foreign companies, overseas investments, sales agency agreements, acquisition of patent and trademark licenses, etc., and we have lawyers with extensive experience and knowledge. In addition, we have local lawyers and CPA qualified personnel who are familiar with overseas taxation, so we can deal with tax issues.

We handle a wide range of procedures from local embassy procedures such as international marriages and divorces to general corporate business procedures.

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