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  • マイクロファイナンス
  • 投資コンサルタント
  • 海外不動産(デベロッパー契約)
  • 美容整形外科クリニック
住所 26th flr. High Street South
Corporate Plaza Tower 1
BGC Taguig City Philippines


2010年4月 フィリピンにてGLOBAL MATE 設立
2010年4月 V&A 法律事務所と顧問契約
2010年4月 メガワールドディベロッパー業務提携契約
2012年4月 メガワールドディベロッパー社より表彰
2015年4月 GLOBAL MATE グループ化計画により日本法人と連携
2017年5月 フィリピンにてGMFC社にてマイクロファイナンス社設立
2017年5月 AGIグループとして活動
2019年5月 REYES 法律事務所と顧問契約
2019年8月 フィリピンにて美容整形外科設立
2020年2月 梅園法律事務所と顧問契約
2020年4月 大手SMDCディベロッパー企業業務提携契約
2021年3月 SMDC ディベロッパー社より表彰
2021年4月 SMDC ASIA 日本法人会社設立
2021年5月 WPC 企業 石炭発掘、燃料製造会社との業務提携契約
2021年11月 アライアンス グローバル グループ株式会社設立
2022年3月 SMGroup 株式会社設立
2022年5月 東京都中央区新富ビルを自社ビルにする手続き中
2022年5月 AGI パートナーズ合同会社をM&A
2022年7月 AGI Group合同会社設立手続き中


AGI GROUP is company who has been operating
Since 2010 of April up to present. We give different kinds of services to anyone who needs it.
Challenges over the past few years have impacted financial companies’ ability to retain loyal customers,  so providing exceptional customer service has become of primary concern.

AGI GROUP understands the importance of doing just that, while at the same time, delivering it all in an  efficient, accurate manner. AGI GROUP ability to be flexible and to partner with clients to create best fit  solutions for individual needs has been very effective for helping the diverse companies we work with in the  financial industry. One size does NOT fit all, so we focus on customizing solutions and developing winning  strategies to reduce costs and increase profitability for every client.

AGI GROUP hires, trains and operates with Brand Warriors who understand business and deliver an exceptional  customer experience. We offer back office services for a variety of business needs and have excelled in  delivering solid performance for our clients, all while maintaining strict cardholder security and compliance  standards.
For every stage of the customer lifecycle AGI GROUP can deliver a variety of integrated multi-channel  solutions to meet your needs.


AGI GROUP (GMFC) was registered in the Securities and Exchange(SEC) with  Certificate No. CS201907213 on May 20,2019 GMFC is located at Unit 5 G/F Le Mirage De Malate Bldg.,  A Mabini St.Brgy. 701, Malate, Manila NCR. To new contract office on January.2021is 2floor.Bonifacio Global City The Fort, Taguig Metro Manila, Philippines

The owner saw an opportunity in the lending industry. So she decided to put up an  organization which they named AGI GROUP (GMFC). She believed that money is the  Most basic requirements of the daily routine. In our time today, where growth of civilization is going  very fast, we need more money because of the increasing prices of everything. Money lending is very  Important for a person who is in need. AGI GROUP allows the person to lend money to use  At any necessary needs but in return they have to pay for it plus its strain.The company is now operating more efficiently with its well-trained,experienced, and  Dedicated workers.



AGI マイクロファイナンス



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